Waterproofing "Technonikol" for foundation

Waterproofing “Technonikol” for foundation

When building your own home, it is very important to take into account many points, the ignoring of which can lead to unfortunate consequences. One of these moments is the waterproofing of the foundation. Agree that to preserve the ground from the impact of groundwater, the house must have adequate protection. Such protection is special materials, the difference which in our time is quite large. Such materials are distinguished by quality, price category, as well as the way they are applied.

Waterproofing of the foundation "Technonikol" in our time is quite common. Very popular with many builders, this material is used because of the high quality, wide range, and technical characteristics, thanks to which you can apply this material in a variety of types of construction.

Surface preparation

Waterproofing compositions "Technonikol" are represented by a rather wide variety of materials, which we will tell you below. However, no matter which material you use, there are general rules for surface preparation.

  1. First you need to conduct a survey of the surface, it is especially important to carry out this inspection in old houses, because on the surface of their foundation there may be chips, cracks, and also looseness in some of its areas.
  2. It is necessary to remove old paint or old waterproofing.
  3. You need to carry out repairs that improve the adhesion, as well as strengthen the structure of the walls.
  4. One of the most important stages of preparation is the control of the humidity in the room. Permissible humidity is indicated on the material itself, and it is measured with a special tool called a moisture meter.

Depending on the design features, you can use such waterproofing materials:

  1. Lubricating.
  2. Rolling shutters.
  3. Membrane.

All the waterproofing materials presented above have both many advantages and some disadvantages that you need to consider when buying. That's why we will briefly review each material separately.

Lubricating and sprayed waterproofing

The coating compositions of the company "Technonikol" are varnishes or primers based on construction bitumen. Such materials are applied with a paintbrush, spatula, roller or using a special tool that will perform the spraying of the waterproofing compound on the foundation surface.

These mastics are applied hot or cold. Cold mastics can consist of either one or two components. When waterproofing a material with two components, this mastic needs to be pre-mixed with its individual constituents. Cold mastic is used without preheating. Despite this, hot compositions are only used with preheating, and the heating temperature should be at least 180 degrees. Compositions that are applied heated, are able to penetrate much deeper while filling some cracks and other damaged places. To improve adhesion to the wall surface, use primers that serve as a primer.

The coatings of the company "Technonikol" include the main types, such as:

  • mastic Technonikol No. 24 - one-component bituminous mastic, which is used for cold application. This material is quite easy to apply, since you can apply it yourself using a roller or brush. However, before applying, you need to treat the surface with a primer;
  • mastic Tekhnonikol No. 21 (technomast) is a material with high strength and water resistance. It is applied cold, however, at minus temperature it needs to be heated. It is applied in two layers;
  • mastic Tekhnonikol No. 33. The composition is made on bitumen water-emulsion base and other components without organic solvents. Can be applied by roller, brush or spray method;
  • mastic "Technonikol" hot application №41 or №45 (Eureka). First of all, this material is intended for sealing of small cracks and other damages in walls of concrete, blocks and reinforced concrete structures;
  • bitumen waterproofing AguaMast. This composition is applied exclusively to foundations and basements with high humidity;
  • primer «Technonikol» №04. This substance is used for indoor use before applying mastic. Used to improve adhesion.

The compositions presented above have a lot of advantages, such as ease of application, durability of materials, frost resistance, good adhesion to the wall surface, versatility of the substance, you can apply it not only for the surface of the basement, but also for the internal basement rooms and even waterproofing roofing. All other features of each of the materials you need to familiarize with when buying a construction shop.

Rolled waterproofing

Oakley (roll) waterproofing of the foundation is carried out in compliance with certain rules. This technology includes carrying out preparatory work, such as leveling the surface, eliminating protrusions and traces of paint, degreasing the surface and plastering potholes. And also it is necessary to get rid of protruding pieces of reinforcement and other elements that could damage the waterproofing material. Further it is necessary to put a layer of lubricating waterproofing, which must fully harden before the process of applying roll materials to it.

The company "Technonikol" produces a fairly large number of roll waterproofing materials, in the selection of which you can simply get lost. That's why we'll tell you about the most popular of its kinds.

  1. Technoelast ALPHA. It is based on a layer of aluminum film, as well as polyester. The material has great dignity, since it not only isolates the room from moisture penetration, but also prevents the penetration of harmful radioactive gases into the room, such as radon, butane and methane.
  2. Technoelast MOST. Strong material, the thickness of which is up to 5 mm. It has two varieties - B and C.
  3. Tehnoelast GREEN EPP. Basically, this material is designed to insulate the walls of the underground part of the house, from the threat of penetration of the root systems of trees.

Membrane waterproofing

Membrane mounted waterproofing is carried out in several layers. First, you need to prime the surface with a primer, then weld two layers of "Technoelast EPP". And then the surface is covered with a special membrane with spines.

The main purpose of the membrane is to ensure the drainage of groundwater from the house through a drainage system, as well as the waterproofing of the cap.

Some rules of waterproofing works

Waterproofing "Technonikol" for the foundation, is quite high quality, but the use of the material of this manufacturer is not an absolute guarantee of protection, if you neglect the rules of performance and operation.

In order that in the future there were no problems with waterproofing, adhere to such rules:

  1. Waterproofing works should be carried out in warm dry weather. However, if you decide to perform waterproofing in winter, then use only those materials that are recommended for use at sub-zero temperatures.
  2. Waterproofing materials should be selected, taking into account the hydrogeological conditions of the soil, as well as the structural features of the foundation.
  3. The waterproofing layer is applied only on a dry surface, so check the walls before applying mastic. If the walls are wet then you will have to wait for them to dry completely, or speed up the process by applying gorillas, heat guns or other devices.
  4. Each type of waterproofing materials has its own features in application and use that you need to consider. That is why choosing a waterproofing "Technonikol" consider that each of these materials has its own characteristics both during the application process and during use.


Doing waterproofing is an obligatory part of the work that is necessary to ensure that your house can stand for long enough. We are confident that the thoughts in this article will be practical for you, and you will be able to protect your home from the harmful effects of groundwater. And the materials of the company "Technonikol" will help you to perform this work qualitatively and quickly enough.

  • Concrete grade for the ribbon foundation of a private house

  • Screw foundation

  • Tape foundation on sand

  • Bored base for the house

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