Wallpapers with flowers for the kitchen

Wallpapers with flowers for the kitchen

In order for the apartment to be beautiful and cozy, you need to pay attention not only to furniture, curtains, but also to decorating the walls. It is the walls that help create a certain mood in the room, they have a significant influence on the overall tone and composition of the room.

Kitchen is no exception to this rule. There are certain rules that help to choose the right wallpaper for the kitchen with flowers. Let's talk about how to choose the right wallpaper in the flower in the kitchen.

Rules for the selection of decorative materials for the kitchen

Before buying wallpaper with sunflowers for the kitchen, you need to estimate the size of the room, the degree of illumination, the style chosen, the height of the ceilings in the room.

For example, wallpaper with roses in a kitchen of small dimensions is not appropriate, they will visually reduce the size of the room, make it even more "squat."

Advice! Walls in a small room can be pasted with small daisies or tender orchids.

Wallpaper with lavender in the kitchen - a great option. This is especially true if the kitchen has a very modest size.

In the photo - original flowers on the wallpaper in the kitchen, creating the effect of expanding space.

Criteria for choosing wallpaper with flowers in the kitchen

Before buying the wallpaper you like with orchids in the kitchen, you need to make sure that they fully comply with the rules for decorative coatings selected for this room.

Attention! To wallpaper with daisies, roses, orchids, sakura have become a decoration for the kitchen, they must fully meet the criteria.

Let's give a list of the basic requirements that are imposed on decorative wallpaper, selected in the kitchen.

A variety of photos of ready-made projects, useful tips for selecting canvases with roses, chamomiles, cherry blossom, small flowers for the kitchen are presented in the video fragment

To begin with, any wallpaper selected in the dining area should be simple and easy to clean. Ready-made linens should easily withstand detergents, a brush. Wet cleaning in the kitchen is often enough, otherwise harmful microorganisms will multiply in this room.

For example, natural wallpaper in the kitchen "sakura" is not the best solution, as it will be difficult for them to take care of, they will quickly lose their performance characteristics.

Attention! Any linen with flowers, chosen for decorating the walls of the kitchen should be resistant to increased humidity.

There are three types of wallpaper, which have increased resistance to moisture: washable, moisture resistant, super washable. Moisture-resistant canvas with roses or orchids easily withstand wiping with a soft sponge or a rag, but no use of cleaning and cleaning compounds is expected. Washable wallpaper can withstand abrasive cleaning. Super washable tapestries with orchids or roses can even stand rubbing with special cleaning compounds applied to a brush or a rough rag.

Among the important criteria for the wallpaper, chosen for decorating the dining room, you need to highlight the density of the tapestry.

Density is associated with strength, which will affect the duration of the operating period of the canvas. Among those functions that easily carry out dense decorative materials for the walls, we distinguish and protect from dirt and grease. In dense materials, a small amount of dirt and dust accumulates, since they have small pores.

Kitchen - a room in which aggressive UV rays enter. In order that the cloths do not burn out under the action of such rays, do not lose the original aesthetic appearance, it is important to immediately select fabrics with increased resistance to ultraviolet rays. Light-resistant trellises not only easily withstand UV, they do not turn yellow as they are used, so you can rearrange the furniture, without fear that there will be "striped traces" on the wall.

Any canvas with roses, orchids, daisies, must necessarily have a vapor permeability. Due to this property, the kitchen will retain a favorable microclimate.

Those owners of real estate who prefer to buy wallpaper for painting, interior designers recommend selecting those types of paintings that will withstand 7 to 10 full-color repaints.

Color solution in the kitchen

Optimal choice for the dining room will be high-quality non-woven or vinyl materials with roses, chamomiles, orchids.

Attention! Paper wallpaper is not suitable for the kitchen, they quickly lose their original appearance, will often carry out in the room of cosmetic repairs.

When selecting the color of the tapestry, it is important to consider that it is the color scale of the walls that is the basis for creating a certain tone and mood in the room. When choosing colors for the dining room, it is important to take into account certain nuances.

Key parameters of shade selection:

  • room parameters;
  • ceiling height;
  • style solution;
  • room illumination

Professionals recommend that owners of small dining rooms buy light-colored paintings with a small pattern for decorating the walls.

There is also a certain psychological moment, which is also important to take into account when choosing linens for the walls of the kitchen. For example, bright trellises with huge roses, according to psychologists, will have an irritating effect on the inhabitants of the apartment.

If the kitchen has impressive dimensions, it is allowed to decorate the walls with dark finishing materials, supplementing them with contrasting 3 d stickers, roses, orchids, sakura.

Attention! The satiety of cold tones will deprive the kitchen of a full home comfort, make it an "office" dining room.

There are certain rules that must be observed when decorating walls in a kitchen that lacks full natural lighting. In order to cope with this problem, it is necessary to choose warm, quiet shades, for example, to buy beige, orange, light brown tapestries with small light colors.

In the photo - an example of the use of photo wallpapers in the design of walls in a modern kitchen. Such an option interior professionals recommend to use when carrying out cosmetic repairs in small dining rooms.

Certain difficulties in the selection of finishing materials for walls exist in those kitchens that are oversaturated with natural sun rays.

Advice! For such premises, unsaturated tones are suitable, for example, green linens.

Pistachio shades have a positive effect on the digestive system, so psychologists recommend picking trellises of such tones for the torn where the children feed. The wallpaper can be selected for decorating the walls of any room, including decorating the dining rooms. In addition to the color of the main background, it is important to take into account the drawings on the tapestries.

Basic rules for choosing wallpaper colors

Psychologists say that every shade has a hidden meaning, it can influence the overall style of the room. Let's talk about the meaning of some drawings, which are often selected for decorating walls in the dining room:

  • large and voluminous images on trellises will "hide" the space, visually reduce the parameters of the room;
  • small roses allow you to turn a small kitchen into a spacious and luxurious room;
  • vertical strips visually "lift" the ceilings;
  • The horizontal stripes make the room squat and broad

A special impact on the visual perception of the layout is provided by additional lines and strips. For example, if the geometric bands intersect with each other, there is an association of continuity and infinity of space. Diagonal lines make a table dynamics and modernity.

Textured wallpaper - an interesting choice in modern interior art. They have a very unusual look, add cuisine and originality to the kitchen.

Helpful Tips

When selecting new finishing materials for kitchen walls, it is important to consider the design and color of the furniture facades. For example, white and solid trellis will be an excellent background for a kitchen set of any color.

Among the classical options for selecting elements of furniture in the kitchen, the leading positions belong to brown tones. The background for them professionals recommend making beige, peach, white walls.

Advice! To get a cozy and multifunctional cuisine, it is important to consider the optimal combination of furniture colors and wall background.

What colors are out of place in the kitchen

Interior designers recommend not to choose certain colors and shades when decorating the walls of the kitchen. For example, black color, as well as any shades of brown tone, can not be chosen for the room in which you will have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In addition to the negative effect on the nervous system, the black tone will hide the kitchen, make it visually small, constantly dirty.

Among the latest fashion trends in interior fashion, glass mills are of interest. This version of the wall covering, made of glass threads of varying thickness, has already found its fans and admirers. Let's highlight the main positive characteristics of this kind of finishing materials.

Cloths have excellent fireproof characteristics, they are ecological, act as a reinforcing material, have good wear resistance. The average operating life of such decorative materials is 30 years.

In addition, glass mills are able to pass air, they easily withstand the increased humidity of the room.

Like all other decorative materials used in decorating the dining room walls, they also have certain drawbacks, namely, a high price.

An interesting option for decorating the dining area professionals call the creation on the surface of the wall an accent from photo wallpapers. The variety of photo wallpapers with realistic three-dimensional images of flora and fauna will turn the kitchen into a real paradise.

Advice! Photo wallpapers in the kitchen try to pick up on a non-woven basis. Such cloths have a high density, ideal for this room.


To ensure that in the dining room, which is spent most of her time, the hostess was not only beautiful, but also comfortable, you must carefully think through all the subtleties of the design project. What should it include? In addition to the color and pattern of the tapestry for the walls, in the preliminary design it is important to specify the texture of the materials, the color of the furniture facades, the tone and the quality of the floor covering.

You can not leave without proper attention and the option of design of the window opening, the selection of curtains, the choice of additional accessories. Only with a comprehensive approach can you expect to achieve the desired result, obtaining the optimal design of the kitchen. How to find the "kitchen of your dreams" option? To begin with, you can study those ready-made options that are offered on the official websites of major design agencies. If you are not sure that you will be able to implement your own project in person, please contact the interior professionals. They will take into account all the features of the premises, harmoniously "fit" the dining room into the general style that you have chosen for an apartment or a country house.

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