Staples for construction

Staples for construction

The construction brackets are fasteners, by means of which the beams and logs are connected. They are quite useful and necessary for the construction of a traditional wooden house. They are used during the erection of the roof frame.

Such products are called forged, because they are made of reinforcement by forging. Other fasteners are clearly lagging behind the construction brackets for timber and logs in terms of reliability.

Types of staples

Staples are mounted using a special device - a pistol connected to the compressor. This tool is quite easy to operate. When using it, the staples are assembled quickly and effortlessly.

Products are usually used for fastening timber and logs, of which Russia has long been building houses. For this reason, such fasteners are especially popular among private developers. Metal fasteners come in various sizes, which allows them to be used for a variety of tasks. For this reason it is worthwhile to learn more about the characteristics and advantages of such products.

The mounting bracket is U-shaped. In its design there are "legs" and "back". The ends of the product are forged in the form of cones of a quadrangular shape. To secure it was more reliable, they are notched. Usually fasteners are made of round rods by the method of hot forging. As a material for the production of steel is used.

Staples can be of 2 kinds:

  • standard;
  • hardened.

Standard models are ideal for common tree species. When working with various slabs, such as chipboard or fiberboard, hardened brackets are used. Standard in this work can be deformed without entering the material. Any stapler can perfectly shoot both simple and hardened elements.

There are several types of staplers, which are equipped with the function of adjusting the force of impact. Often, such products are varieties that shoot products with a diameter of 14 mm. In them, you can loosen the spring, which will allow you to mount the brackets of a small size. The use of such products will help to save the forces of the person making the fastening. This is because the effort on the pen will have to be done much less.

Construction staples have become an indispensable element of wooden structures. This is due to the fact that any structure needs to be strengthened. Metal fasteners are highly reliable and easy to install. This ensures the reliability of the house, which is built using such products.


There are cases when it is necessary to build not a capital house or a dacha that will be used only in the summer. It happens that there is a need to equip a bath. When constructing such a simple design, you can do with improvised tools and materials.

Important! Any construction involving the use of logs or timber should be carried out using special fasteners. Thanks to such products, you can attach crowns and truss system.

It is in such cases that braces should be used. Such material is characterized by a variety of sizes and characteristics. Products have different thickness and width. One of the most popular sizes is the 25 mm model. Its thickness is chosen depending on the design load.

The staples are used almost everywhere-when the ends of the walls are fastened and even in chopped houses, which were set only with the use of an ax. Many people are wondering why nails can not be used.

It's all about fixing things. The bracket easily enters the tree without damaging it. This means that the wooden elements will not split, they will not have any defects. This is especially important, because the owners of wooden houses appreciate every detail. In addition, the braces can be bought with the legs unfolded. Also, they can be notched, which provides greater reliability of the fastenings.

Important! Packed such fasteners in corrugated boxes, which allows you to transport the material quickly and without unnecessary inconvenience.

Also it is worth remembering that the construction clamps are an old and tested fastening element. They are reliable material because they were used in Ancient Rus in the same form in which they exist now.

Such elements served as an important element of architecture, thanks to which the beams and logs were fastened together. The use of such a material makes it possible to give the structure a special strength and stability.

Universal staples

The construction brackets are notable for their versatility. Used for many decades. In the construction it is used widely enough. It is often used for reinforcing concrete bases. It does not matter how many floors there are in the building.

If we talk about log buildings, it is worth noting that when constructing such a construction, the construction brackets are of sufficient versatility. They perfectly replace other fasteners. Their main advantage is to increase the area on which the desired element is fastened. This allows you not to use nails, screws, screws.

Advantages that make it possible to distinguish construction staples among other materials:

  • short time spent on the connection of wooden elements;
  • sufficiently high strength of reinforced concrete structures, stapled;
  • considerable saving of effort and working time.

If we summarize the above, it is worth noting that the construction clamps are used not only for fixing timber and logs of wooden logs, but also for reinforcing concrete structures. Such products are distinguished by their versatility and reliability.

Even if a non-capital building is being built in which it is not planned to live year-round, it is worth remembering that the fastening of the structural elements will allow the structure to serve for many decades without distortions and destruction.

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