Skimmer for aquarium and swimming pool

Skimmer for aquarium and swimming pool

Skimmers for the pool are installations that are designed for complex water treatment. Since often pools are located under the open sky, they get foliage and dirt, it is necessary to clean water constantly. Solve this problem with a skimmer for the pool. If the pool or pond is small, such devices can be made independently, having understood the principle of their operation.

Feature of the skimmers

The device is a metal or plastic tank that is connected to a pipeline and a pump. From the outside on the wall you can see a window with a floating gate. The principle of operation is as follows:

  1. First, dirty water enters the installation through the side opening in the housing.
  2. Floating shutter facilitates the separation of the lower layers from the upper ones, due to which only water with impurities is cleaned.
  3. Then the liquid enters the filter, where there is a large debris.
  4. Eventually, the water enters the heating system and returns to the pool.

It is worth remembering that it is necessary to install built-in skimmers, jets of water intakes according to a prearranged plan. In order for the installation to be more efficient, a water vacuum cleaner joins it. If you want, you can make a skimmer with your own hands.

Floating products

If the pool is characterized by a large fluctuation in the liquid level, it is worth using floating products. They do not require an underground installation on the pool. For cleaning, you only need to install a pump that will take water from the surface.

Floating skimmers for the pool are practically no different from the hinged skimmers. They are usually equipped with sensors that allow you to adjust to the existing level of fluid. Many floating devices are designed to purify water in an area of ​​about 25 square meters. It is these devices most often set up by owners of small plots on their pool.


Skimmer hinged installed on pools in which there is no water circulation system. The hinged skimmer for the pond allows for the sampling and supply of water within one enclosure. It is fixed on the rim and can be used for cleaning of any type of pond.

Most often, a skimmer for a pond is installed in prefabricated structures. Such products are made of high-hardness plastic. The fastening on the rim is carried out by means of adjustable bracket.

The following parameters should be attributed to the merits of such products:

  • ease of maintenance;
  • ease of installation;
  • low cost.

Such devices for the pool effectively collect small debris and leaves from the surface, counteracting their subsidence on the bottom. At the same time, during the intake of fluid, a fat film is removed. To clean the bottom of the pool, you need to install a separate pump and filter.

Surface devices

The surface skimmer for the pond in the lower part has threaded connections that serve to connect the tank to the water intake line. On the side of the body of such products a window with a damper is created, through which water enters the system. After entering the device, the liquid is heated and cleaned of contaminants.

The damper is installed to separate the top layer of water, since it is in it that most of the contaminants are located. Inside the case there is a mesh that acts as a deep filter.

In addition to these devices for the pool for water treatment, a ribbon skimmer is used, which is usually used in open reservoirs to collect spilled petroleum products.

Why is the skimmer installed in the aquarium?

Gradually in the aquarium begin to accumulate organic residues:

  • excrement;
  • feed;
  • dying parts of algae.

All this eventually begins to rot, resulting in ammonia in the water, which can poison the inhabitants of the aquarium. In marine aquariums, such devices are necessary. They are installed for:

  • collection of organic matter and dirt;
  • withdrawal of proteins and phosphates;
  • reduction of algae growth.

Advantages and disadvantages of aquarium skimmers

Advantages of a skimmer for an aquarium:

  • removes impurities before the decomposition process begins;
  • reduces the load on the filters installed in the aquarium.

But as a result of the skimmer's work for the aquarium, part of the microplankton that serves as a food for the fishes dies. Also because of the skimmer, useful substances are extracted, which are necessary for corals. It should be noted that the use of such devices reduces the effectiveness of medicines, which include surfactants. Also because of the skimmer, the salinity level decreases, so you need to periodically top up the sea water.

Types of skimmers

For aquariums with a capacity of up to 300 liters, you can find simple models that work from the compressor. If the capacity is large, you need to install either several skimmers, or look for one more powerful.

Such devices are divided into several types:

  1. Straight-flow. Such skimmers are the most simple and inefficient. They are used only for installation in small aquariums. In such devices, the compressor supplies compressed air to the contact chamber, after which the bubbles rise upwards, mixing with water. As a result, foam is formed, which is sent to the foam box.
  2. Countercurrent. In such skimmers, water is supplied to meet air bubbles. Due to the fact that the contact of the bubbles with water lasts longer, the liquid is cleaned better than when using a straight-through device.
  3. With Venturi nozzles. This type of device is more complicated than those described above. The water in such a system goes along a tapering tube, at the end of which the pressure drops sharply and the air mixes with the liquid.

The latest type of skimmers for aquariums is the most effective. If desired, you can make a cleaning device for the aquarium with your own hands.

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