How to choose a garage oven

How to choose a garage oven

For garages there is no special heating system. For this reason, it is necessary to warm up with improvised methods. In any case, you have to put the stove. It should be compact, productive and cheap in terms of fuel costs. Also, the unit should warm up a small room quickly. The economical oven for a garage by one's own hands can be made by any motorist.

When choosing a design, it should be borne in mind that a normal oven for a garage has a property to quickly flare up. It is desirable that it could be heated with various wastes, rather than with normal wood or coal. You can do this with your own hands. To do this, you need a minimum of knowledge and materials.

Pros of a small stove

The garage is a fairly specific room. It has a small area. For this reason, special requirements must be placed on the stove device:

  • compactness - so as not to interfere with movement through the garage;
  • the ability to maintain the optimum air temperature for a long time;
  • simplicity of construction;
  • availability of materials;
  • ease of operation.

When drawing up a plan for the stove, you should remember about safety. Equipment for heating should not consume too much oxygen, and also give off harmful substances during operation. It is necessary to prevent possible ignition of materials around the stove.

Types of stoves

Many car owners know that it is better to store the car in a room with a temperature of +5 degrees and above. Otherwise, in winter, the engine can be problematic. During frost, antifreeze freezes, which causes serious trouble.

You can avoid them in one way - by using a stove in the garage. If the garage is attached to the house, you can connect it to the central heating. When the car room is far from the living area, a stand-alone heater should be installed.

To such furnaces it is possible to carry:

  • Boulerián - they are compact enough and can burn for 10 hours after one bookmark. They are also unpretentious to the fuel used. For bureljany any solid fuel - waste of fire wood, coal, peat will approach. A significant disadvantage of such designs is their high cost.
  • Burzhuyka - is a simple stove that works on wood. Such units have an elementary construction that allows you to create them yourself. The burgers perfectly cope with the task of heating the garage.
  • Infrared electric heater - equipment requiring electrical connection. It is easy to install, however it consumes a lot of electricity.

In addition, any car owner is able to independently build a stove, which works on working off. Its construction will be discussed later.

The structure of a simple burzhuyki

A simple watch can be made by every car owner. In addition, it does not require special maintenance, is distinguished by omnivorous, has a high efficiency, provides the opportunity to warm food directly in the garage. Also, under such a device, a foundation is not built.

The structure of the turbojet includes such elements:

  • The combustion chamber - its size and shape, each car owner chooses independently;
  • Pipeline - it is performed spiral or curved. When using straight pipe segments for a chimney device, it is worth considering that their maximum length should be 100 cm.
  • The fire-bar - represent a special grate, which is always placed at the base of the stove.
  • An ashtray- a small compartment, located under the bars. It gets ash.

The curved shape of the chimney is caused by the need to reduce the speed with which the smoke leaves the unit. Thanks to the turns of the pipeline, the combustion products are delayed more efficiently.
As a result, smoke gives away most of the heat to the room. As you can see, this heating system is quite efficient and easy to operate. There are several simple instructions on how to make a self-propelled windrower.

It is worth remembering 2 things:

  • Installation of the stove should be carried out in the part of the garage where various combustible-lubricating materials are not stored and flammable objects.
  • In the walls of the garage it is worthwhile to make holes that will serve as entrance gates for fresh air. It is also necessary to equip a simple ventilation system.

It is possible to make an oven for a garage on fire independently for one day.

How to build a stove for a garage

There are a few of the most effective options for doing the stove in the garage. These include a brick structure, a burzhuyka, an oven for working and a wood-burning unit.

Brick stove

Such stoves for the garage are quite rare - this is explained by the laboriousness of their construction. The combustion chamber is located at the level of 2, 3 and 4 rows. In general, the height of the structure usually does not exceed 9 bricks. To remove the furnace gases, build a brick chimney. It is usually removed through the roof. The option of a brick oven for a garage is presented on video:

To ensure that the stove for the garage is effective, and also for more reasonable use of materials, it is better to consult with an experienced stove before performing the work. When working on the stove, you have to take into account a lot of subtleties. If you make a mistake, the garage stove will most likely have to be shifted.

Homemade burzhuyka

To build a garage for a garage is better than sheet metal. As a basis, you can take a barrel or a pipe. Often a sheet of metal is welded into a cubic stove. It is worth remembering that the minimum thickness of metal for the burzhuyki - 5 mm. If it is made of a pipe, the latter must have a diameter of at least 300 mm.

Under the firebox, it is necessary to equip the site for the removal of ash. It is better to use a horizontal plate with large slits. An ordinary stove for a garage on coals is equipped with a plate with slits of 10 mm.

Under the partition it is necessary to install a removable box in which ash will accumulate. As it is filled, it is cleaned. To make a box it is worth using 3 mm steel. To increase the efficiency of the turbocharger, 5 mm plates should be welded perpendicular to its sides. This ensures faster heating of the room - the area of ​​contact of the stove with air increases.

Before you start cutting steel sheet, you need to take into account not only the thickness of the material, but also the thickness of the used disc Bulgarian.

Stove on working

Since coal and firewood are not available in any locality, many motorists are thinking about the construction of a stove for working. Used oil is often used for heating the garage. To build such an oven, you need to understand its design.

Such an aggregate has an H-shaped device and consists of such parts:

  • fuel compartment;
  • combustion chamber;
  • temperature compartment;
  • chimney.

In the lower part, the oil is burnt, and above it the gases formed. After burning the main fuel, the steam rushes into the second compartment, where it mixes with the air. Additional combustion is carried out at a sufficiently high temperature. This allows to increase the efficiency of the unit.

For the device working on working, sheet metal is used. Under the lower tank, usually take a ready-made box, to which the legs are welded. In the tank, make a hole in which fuel will be supplied. It must be equipped with a damper.

The upper chamber must have the shape of a cylinder. It is connected to the first tank by a pipe. The latter is equipped with a plurality of openings into which secondary air enters. Chimney in such stoves are mounted from above without fail.

For an aggregate that works on working-out, use:

  • transformer oil;
  • diesel oil;
  • fuel oil.

Use as fuel for the stove gasoline, acetone and other solvents can not be - they are easily ignited and can provoke an explosion. How to assemble such an oven, shown in the video:

Long-burning wood burning stove

A distinctive feature of such a stove for a garage is the period during which you can not put firewood in it - up to 15-20 hours. Such a result is possible when the combustion chamber is completely loaded with fuel. The intensity of combustion can be regulated by means of a special flap, which lets air into the combustion chamber.

To design a stove for a garage, it is better to buy a ready cask - 200 liters. Its upper part is cut to weld the chimney. A hole is also made for the flap, which will receive fresh air. Then perform the following actions:

  • To ensure stability, a square piece of metal on which it will stand is welded to the bottom of the stove.
  • Then a press wheel is produced. By diameter, it should be several centimeters shorter than the barrel. In the center of the circle, it is necessary to cut a hole and weld a pipe to it.
  • On the other side of the circle, welded channels in the form of a cross should be welded, with which the fuel will be pressed.
  • As a cover for the garage stove, you can use the previously cut top of the barrel. It carries out a hole for the pipe from the clamping wheel. It should be done in such a way that the tube passes freely, and the circle falls under its weight.
  • At the bottom of the barrel a hole is made for scraping ash. It is necessary to attach the door to it.
  • At the top of the stove a hole is made for the chimney, to which a pipe of 150 mm is welded.

To kindle such a stove, it is necessary to throw a burning rag into the tube of the pressure circle. For a rapid divergence of heat, it is worthwhile putting the fan on the side of the stove - then the stove will be blowing.


As you can see, it's quite easy to build a stove for your garage yourself. To do this, you need sheet metal, pipes of a certain diameter and a welding machine. For cutting metal it is necessary to have a Bulgarian. When performing a brick stove, it is worth consulting with an experienced stove-maker.

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