Garage for two cars: dimensions, drawings

Garage for two cars: dimensions, drawings

The problem of the safe storage of the machine has existed from time immemorial and was solved in a variety of ways, from the acquisition of the "shell" garage to the rent of a garage in the private sector of the suburbs. If you have two cars, the number of problems has increased in progression. Today, the development of technologies for the rapid construction of light non-capital buildings allows you to build a garage for two cars in a matter of days, moreover, with the proper organization of design, most of the works, including finishing, can be done by themselves. It is a question of the scheme of construction of frame variants of garage for storage of the car.

How inexpensive to build a garage for two cars

Unlike stone buildings, lightweight construction allows you to get by with a minimal foundation, while the quality of the storage of the machine with the observance of the construction technology will be no worse than the brick version. Using the frame principle, it is possible to build a garage for two cars relatively quickly and inexpensively in the following variants:

  • The building of the garage is made of sandwich panels, it is necessary to assemble a steel frame from the galvanized profile and to trim the finished "skeleton" with packages of pressed insulation and steel cladding. When using a crane to assemble a garage for two cars can be two days. There is such a set for a garage for car parking from 200 to 250 thousand rubles;
  • Make the garage space as comfortable as possible for the safety of the car, work and even for living in such a building, for example, from SIP panels, wooden lining, OSB slabs. The quality of storage of the machine will be much higher, but the price of the garage will also increase;
  • Collect the construction of the garage to store the machine on a compromise scheme. The frame of wood is sewed with sheet metal. The speed of construction and the price are most attractive and depend only on the size of the garage and the dimensions of the car.
Advice! Correctly calculate the required dimensions of the room with satisfactory storage conditions of the machine can be done simply enough by the drawing shown in the photo.

When making a garage project for two cars, the dimensions of the room are determined depending on the dimensions of the vehicles. For the optimal size of the garage, it is recommended to use a scheme with two gates. If necessary, it is possible to "squeeze" the area under the machine with 43 m2 up to 32 m2, instead of a scheme with two gates, each 2.8 m wide, it will be necessary to use a structure with one gates, 5.1 m wide. Departure from such apartments on cars will be more difficult, but the building's overall size will decrease by almost 15%. If necessary, the gate can be further reduced, but in this case, for a normal car movement, the garage needs to be extended or the gate position changed.

We collect a simple garage for two cars with our own hands

The quality of construction for the storage of a passenger car is not inferior to the above options, and the cost and labor intensity are several times less. The parking area under the car is spacious and light, the absence of thermal insulation allows you to get rid of problems with condensation and corrosion of the car body.

The foundation and frame of the walls of the room for two cars

After marking the outline of the garage with dimensions of 7x5 m, it will be necessary to assemble a foundation system of construction. To fix the frame on the ground, the garage structure uses a system of vertical supports, 5 m high. Six holes are punched along the side walls marking, 70-80 cm deep and 30-35 cm in diameter. Vertical support pillars are inserted into the borehole and concrete is poured into the well with soil.

While the concrete under the pillars is not frozen, each support must be aligned vertically, check the identity of the dimensions, symmetry between the diagonals of the future box, fix each bracket with struts.

After setting the solution, the vertical supports are tied on several levels by a board-forty, strengthen the lower and middle rows of the bar. Between the horizontal beams of the walls, the frames of the future windows are mounted, the front side of the garage is lined, the latch is made for the future entrance door, which is located away from the main garage doors.

On the headstones of the supports are cut grooves in which the upper reinforcing belt is mounted, from the two rows of the composite bar the upper row serves as a Mauerlat under the roof of the garage, the lower composite row acts as a supporting beam for the gate frame. On the front wall of the garage are assembled wooden racks for securing sectional doors. The building of the garage for two cars is quite spacious, with a large ceiling. To avoid buying an expensive bar, used for vertical supports, we replace it with a self-made glued variant of two or three 50-millimeter boards.

The assembled frame of the frame is covered with a board and strengthened with struts and spacers.

Roof and wall decoration

The skeleton of a gable roof is made in the form of ready assemblies of rafters, puffs and struts. All elements are connected by means of nails through overhead steel plates. A package of eight farms rises to the walls, after which each structure is fastened to the wall of the garage with nails on pre-marked layout. The size of the overpass overlapping over the parking place of the car reaches more than 5.5 m, so it is better to lift long assemblies in a threesome-four.

In the upper part of the rafters are fastened two ridge beams, after which they fill the boards of the battens under the roofing corrugated board. The sheets are fastened to the boards with the help of roofing screws with silicone washers, which ensure tightness at the fastener installation point. The roof covering is laid without insulation, after which the skate elements are laid, sophyts are sewn, and a system of catchments and downpipes is installed.

Then proceed to laying wall sheets of corrugated board on a wooden frame. Three-meter sheets are sewn onto the horizontal bars of the walls using similar self-tapping screws. Because of the gable roof for facing the front of the garage on two cars it is necessary to cut and trim each sheet of corrugated sheet by hand. The seam of the sheets of corrugated sheets and the battens is sealed. The back wall of the garage is sewn in the same way. The windows are made in a "dull" anti-vandal version, instead of the glasses, thick sheets of cellular polycarbonate are installed, which does not resonate with the sound of the motors of the machines.

Before the final finishing of the walls and the garage box on two machines it will be necessary to fill the floor with a concrete mix. The thickness of the concrete screed should be at least 10 cm. This is enough to support the weight of the machines. In addition to the floor of the garage, before the construction is concreted a blind area and a platform for temporary parking of cars.

Before installing the sectional garage doors, it is necessary to cut to the size of the doorway and install facing panels of thin sheet metal on the door frame of the gate, after which you can start assembling and installing the gate. For a garage for two cars, sectional doors are ideal, with a doorway width of 4.5 m, this is enough to move the machine with any kind of turn. Use split double doors is more expensive, in addition, in this case, you need to abandon the entrance doors. In this garage project, under two cars, the division of the internal space into two zones is clearly expressed - service and economic. In the first zone, thanks to the windows, it will be possible to service machines without the use of artificial lighting, which increases the comfort of working in the garage and reduces the load on the electric grid. In the second zone, spare parts for machinery and tools will be stored.

Due to the small weight of the sectional doors, the lifting structure is quite capable of assembling by hand. First, we install vertical guides on the frame of the doorway. Before assembling the section, it is necessary to assemble, install the skid plate mating assemblies and the lifting mechanism itself. After that, the sections are sequentially stacked and fixed on the basis of the elevator of the lifting gates.

Since there is parking for two cars in the garage, the gate mechanism will need to be equipped with traffic signaling so that one driver is aware of the second car moving in front of the gate to prevent a possible collision. After the assembly of the sections, the pins are installed in the hinges, the elevator cable is driven into engagement with the side fasteners of the sections.


Thanks to the frame structure, the room for the car will be light, durable and spacious. Due to high ceilings, even with the simultaneous operation of the engines of two cars, there will be no strong gassing, since the main part of the air polluted with exhaust gases will be removed through the attic space. To avoid the formation and digging of condensate on the body of the machine, the roofing of the corrugated board will be subsequently hemmed with a superdiffusion membrane.

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