Garage design on the site

Garage design on the site

If you bought or are going to build a country house, on the site you need to provide a place for the car. The garage can be built next to the house or separately, as well as in the basement.

If you are planning to build a country house, then the garage should be included in the site plan from the very beginning. It can be made in the form of an extension to the house, a detached building or made in the basement. If the house is already there, the garage can also be attached to it or placed separately. There are rules that regulate the distance from it to other buildings on your or a nearby site.

How to take into account the features of the site

The construction of the garage should be approached no less responsibly than to the construction of the house itself. Before you build it, you need to take into account the features of the terrain and the characteristics of the ground. If the site is relatively flat, you can place the house for the machine anywhere, observing the norms. If the site has a difficult terrain, then you need to keep in mind that you can not put a garage in the lowland where it can be flooded. It is better, on the contrary, to place it on a raised platform. If the garage is made in the basement, you need to take care of good waterproofing and drainage.

Important! The garage should be placed so that it can not be used to penetrate the house. Also for this reason, you should not plant trees and plants with a lush crown next to it.

A detached garage is often located in the northern corner of the site. This part of the site is less heated by the sun, in addition, usually in the northern part, plants are not planted.

The rules of the location of the garage on the site

How far can I build a garage from my house? Depending on whether it is a capital construction, that is, whether it has a foundation, the law approaches its placement in different ways. On the placement of buildings without a foundation, which formally refer to temporary, there are no standards. With the capital buildings all more difficult. Here the distance depends on the materials from which the structures are made.

  • Prior to any construction on a nearby site should be at least 6 m. To shorten this distance can be on a written agreement.
  • If one of the buildings is made of combustible materials, then the distance between them must be at least 10 m.
  • If both buildings are made of combustible materials, a minimum of 15 m should remain between them.
  • The distance to the fence separating your site from the neighboring one should be at least 1 m, while the distance to the buildings on the neighboring site should also not be less than 6 m. If the buildings are located closer, then it is necessary to count from them.
  • If the garage is separate from the apartment house, the distance between it and the house must be at least 3 m - this is fixed in the norms of fire safety.

In this case, the rules governing the distance to neighboring buildings can be violated, but only by written agreement with neighbors. The agreement lasts three years, then this document needs to be extended. Problems can arise if the neighboring site is replaced by the owner. However, if for 3 years (this is the limitation period) no differences have arisen, then construction even with violation of the rules will be considered lawful.

How to conveniently place a garage

Do not place it too far from the entrance to the site. In this case, you will have to make a driveway to it, and this is the expenditure of labor and money, in addition, a part of the useful area will be "eaten up." It is better to put it next to the red line (the border of the site marked in the documents). In a detached garage there must be a fire extinguisher. If all the norms of fire safety are met during the construction, you will be able to reduce the distance to other buildings, including to neighboring ones.

Convenient location next to the house, but with the entrance from the street. From the house or from the site you can make an additional entrance. This location can usually be found in cottage villages. Nearby often have a utility room or a workshop.

Pros of such placement:

  • no noise and exhaust in the house,
  • it is possible not to conduct heating, confine ourselves to good warming and installation of the air heater,
  • there is a place for the location of guest cars.

The disadvantages of such placement:

  • If the garage is located near the road and away from home, there is a risk of hacking,
  • not very convenient if it is in the distance, especially if there is a need to convey to the car some things or in bad weather,
  • it will be necessary to make an entrance that will take some part of the area of ​​the site,
  • the garage itself will also occupy more space than the same, but in the form of an extension,
  • it will be necessary to conduct electricity, and sometimes heating and running water.

The garage can be included in the plan of the house already during construction. This is also a convenient location, however, it has its drawbacks.

  • Noise and exhaust gas will penetrate into the living quarters, which is harmful and unpleasant.
  • The disadvantages also include finding various flammable liquids right in the house.
  • It is necessary either to carry out heating, as in the house, or to solve problems with the appearance of condensate on the walls because of the temperature difference.

A plus:

  • you can put one common security system,
  • you can save on the construction of the foundation and walls, since even a small capital building will be more expensive than increasing the house by the same area,
  • it is convenient, especially in bad weather, that you can get out to the car right from home, you also do not need to carry far away things from the trunk.

Above you can place a library, a billiard room, another room, not intended for permanent presence in it of people. It is important that the floors are strong and non-flammable, and gas insulation must be made. It is necessary that, in the event of a fire or other emergency, minimize damage to the house.

The location in the basement saves space on the site. But for this placement it is necessary to perform a good waterproofing, thermal insulation and drainage. Also, you need to think through a separate duct ventilation to remove exhaust gases. It is especially convenient to make a garage in the basement, if the site is inclined. An example of such a design is shown in the photo.

The size

To accommodate a car usually enough space of 18 square meters, but it is desirable to allocate more space for this: along with the car under one roof there will be tools and other things, wider passes around the car are also more convenient. If there is not enough space, then it must be remembered that the room should be at least 0.7 m longer than the machine, 1.5 m wider and at least 2 m high.


Usually the garage is built from the same materials as the house. The brick structure is quite reliable and looks beautiful. Its cost is quite high, but if you live on site constantly, such an investment is completely justified. The roof is also made the same as that of the house, so that all the buildings on the site look like a single ensemble, especially if the building faces the street.

The photo shows an example of a garage design, made in the same style as the house.

The result

Place a garage on the site can be differently, but there are certain rules that regulate the distance from it to other objects. Usually the garage is made in the same style as the house.

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