Forged furniture

Forged furniture

Furnishing is the final touch when decorating the interior. Correctly matched furniture options will be able to make even from the simplest design, charming. Wooden furniture is now at the peak of popularity and is used in any stylistic direction, but it is not so interesting and unusual.

The interior is capable of playing with new colors if it has a place of wrought furniture that will give an interesting sound to any room.

Advantages of forged furniture

Previously, forged furniture was a sign of good taste and wealth, and only the upper strata of the population could afford it. Now, such interior items are expensive, so buying them, you can improve your status and give the interior elegance.

There are also advantages of using the house forged furniture in the functional and practical plans:

  • Versatility. Such furniture is distinguished by a variety of stylistic decisions, forms and design. On sale now there are forged products for any style of an interior. The most demanding customers can order a model according to their sketch. With the help of forging, you can realize any design ideas that you can not do with other materials.
  • Environmentally friendly furniture. Metal is an environmentally friendly material that does not emit harmful substances to the environment and does not cause allergic reactions, which will be a plus for use in the children's room.
  • Duration of service life. Forged furniture is distinguished by its durability and reliability. It does not absorb moisture and will be used for many decades.

The only drawback of such products is their cost, which depends on the mode of production. So, those products that are obtained by stamping are much cheaper than those that were forged by the craftsman with their own hands. But the listed advantages still can block this indicator.

Forged furniture depending on the room

In any room apartment or house you can put forged pieces of furniture. But for each room there are certain nuances of furniture, which when buying products should be calculated in advance.

Wrought iron furniture for anteroom

Since the situation in this room gives the impression of the guest about the owner of the house, it is worthwhile to approach the furniture with special attention. If it is decided to use forging in the design of the home, then it's better to start from the hallway.

To furnish the hall, forged nightstands, shelves for shoes, mirror frames, hangers, benches are purchased. To create a general style of decoration, you can immediately install a complete set with combining elements, as in the photo.

Important! Here, every detail should support the atmosphere. Even light fixtures or housekeepers should be of appropriate style.

Forged products in the kitchen

To maintain the overall design, the kitchen can have even a minimal number of forged elements in the interior. In this room it is worth to focus on the goal, which you want to achieve in the end and the size of the room. So, in any kitchen will look good forged spice rack or bottles.

If the apartment has high ceilings, then the forged chandelier will be the best light source for the kitchen. You can put forged chairs and the same design table with a wooden top, if the kitchen is combined with the dining room, as shown in the photo.

Ennoble the appearance and become an additional place to store can openwork racks and shelves.

Forged furniture in the living room

Furniture with elements of art forging can give the room a living room that style and atmosphere that only the owner wants. It is not necessary to perform a strictly luxurious interior, forging looks great and in minimalism, but a bit with a different performance.

Details can revitalize the living room. Coffee tables, sofas with forged elements on the armrests, armchairs of the same type, shelves for newspapers and other furnishings will be a unique decoration for the house.

Even the most rigorous and restrained style can be supplemented with forged elements. For this, you do not need to buy all the furniture in such a performance. It will be enough only stools or chairs with openwork legs, floor lamps with forged racks or chandeliers.

Forging in the bedroom

It would seem that a complete discrepancy and not a combination of peaceful, quiet bedroom functionality and cold metal. But even here designers find a place forging. Yes, and manufacturers are ready to offer such furniture kits that will only give charm to the bedroom with the help of forged bed heads. This is confirmed by the photo.

In the bedrooms, the light colors of forging are more popular. These beds can create a gentle, airy atmosphere in the room. For the styles of baroque and empire, luxury forging at the head of the bed with golden tint is suitable.

For a minimalist design it would be a good decision for a practical bed with solid backs without unnecessary details. Such a room will be as simple as possible, but at the same time interesting in design.

The classical situation requires the presence of forging in combination with a gentle canopy. Such beds, as a rule, are supplemented with a canopy made of textiles and become more cozy and comfortable.

Choosing a bed for a bedroom in a forged design, do not forget about other elements of the interior that will support this design. This can be forged frames, watches, stands, hangers, chairs, bedside tables and other items that are necessary in the bedroom.

Advice! Some interiors fit forged screens, which originally zonate the space of the room.

Beautiful interiors of bedrooms with forged details are shown in the photo.

Bathroom with wrought-iron furniture

A new trend is the creation of the interior of the bathroom with the help of art forging. Previously it was believed that metal furniture for the bathroom would not exactly fit, but now everything has changed. Such furniture for a bathroom differs durability and moisture resistance that is advantages for its use in this room.

If you attach importance to details, the bathroom will acquire a unique charm and charm. For example, the installation of a forged stand under towels, hangers or frame for a mirror will give an expensive appearance even simply furnished bathroom. Furniture with elements of forging will transform bathing into an aristocratic ritual.

Forging in nursery

That's exactly what it is difficult to imagine - it's forged items in the children's room. But even this is now possible. This furniture is completely safe, which is an additional criterion for installing it in the child's room.

Due to different assortment it is possible together with children to choose that design of a bed or other objects of an interior which it is necessary to liking all family and to furnish a children's room in an original way.

With forged furniture this room will not be monotonous and similar to those children's, which are equipped in other houses. All guests will be delighted to see such a unique furnishing.

Important! Any little princess will be happy with a beautiful openwork bed in soft colors, supplemented with a light canopy, as in the photo.


Forged furniture now acquires a new sound. It can be placed in any room in the house and everywhere it will look appropriate. Do not be afraid of rough forms, forging, on the contrary, is able to show the tenderness of the interior and, if necessary, highlight certain accents.

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