Forged fences

Forged fences

Among the variety of fencing types for the site, forged fences and gates are considered to be the most beautiful, but also of high cost. Such a fence will prevent penetration of intruders into the site, and will also become a wonderful decoration of it.

Artistic forging helps to implement a variety of ideas and make fencing for the house exactly as you want the owner. With the help of this design can be done any style direction. It perfectly combines forged gates, the same furniture, as well as a variety of inserts and elements.

Varieties of wrought iron fences

Depending on their functional use, forged fences are divided into several groups:

  • Functional. Such designs are distinguished by simplicity and uniformity. As a rule, they are mass-produced by stamping, welding is used to connect parts to them. Such parts are very durable and reliable.
  • Products highly artistic execution. Such fences are developed on an individual project, and only a qualified master performs them. To connect the components in such fences for a private house rivets or clamps are used, welding or soldering are not welcomed. Additional parts, such as tips and other small items can be made by stamping. In the finished form, this option is a real work of art, but it is very expensive.
  • Combined type, combining the two previously named. Wherever possible, stamping is used, supplemented with original forged parts. Thus, you can get a beautiful forged fence, as in the photo, at a more affordable price.

Pros and cons of forged fences

First, let's talk about the advantages that forged fences distinguish. These include:

  • Durability and reliability. Forged metal is a very strong material that is able to withstand any load, unlike, for example, from vinyl and wood. Since the metal has a high resistance and elasticity, this fence can withstand even such an impact as a vehicle impact.
  • Security. Such fences look very expensive and expensive. And this suggests that it is better not to penetrate the territory, since there can be installed CCTV cameras and other security systems. In addition, if you install a fence of rods with forged parts 3 to 4 meters high, then no thieves will definitely want to enter the territory of a well-protected area.
  • Ease of care. For a quality forged fence does not require permanent care, just replacing the tips, if they suddenly came into disrepair and eliminate scratches. It is easy to do this on site without dismantling the structure. In addition, annual staining is also not necessary.
  • Variety of offered assortment. Sketches forged fences striking variety of styles. It can be executed in such a design that the owner wants to see. Even an inexpensive product will emphasize the good taste of the owner and beautify the site.
  • Preserving the impeccable appearance of the product throughout its life.

There are such fences and barriers and disadvantages, the list of which will be announced below:

  • High price. Of course, for those who do not mind the money for such a product, it is a prestigious element of the landscape, but most people can not afford such a fence.
  • Installation can only be carried out by specialists. But this is fully justified by the high quality of installation and the design itself.
  • The fence will not protect against external noises, dust and views of passers-by. But it will become an obstacle for penetration into the territory of the site.
  • Mandatory treatment of forging against corrosion. You need to do this every 3 to 4 years.

Features of the choice and design of the forged fence

Before buying a forged fence, you should immediately decide on what kind of construction should be installed exactly on this site and what the owner sees it.

But besides this, there are some criteria and nuances that are necessarily taken into account when making a choice of forged fencing:

  1. Strength in addition to the material itself is also determined by the density of the pattern that is executed.
  2. Welds on the finished fence must be minimally visible and flat.
  3. To create a full fencing immediately ordered gate and wicket-like design with a repetition of the figure on the fence.
  4. In order to reduce the likelihood of corrosion processes, the fences are installed away from the roadway.

When choosing a fence for a private house, you can choose to choose a product that looks elegant, then partially closed. For example, a forged fence with polycarbonate of any color looks very interesting. You can also make the entire fence closed from any material, and forged make only a gate or wicket door.

And this option will save you, without buying all the fence, but only part of it. Also, you can save considerably on the basis of a forged fence. It can be made of concrete. This, of course, is also not cheap, but still allows you to save in the budget some amount that would have been spent when installing a completely forged fence.

Advice! In order for the design to resonate with the house, the front door can also be decorated with forging.

Not only a house in the classical style can be decorated with forging, but even its modern design can quite emphasize the forged fence. At the moment, strict products with a minimum of delicate parts are performed, most of which are performed in simple forms.

For variety and to emphasize the individuality, it is possible to order a forged fence, painted in any color. Very often the product is forcibly aged, covered with patina. If you select a painted fence, it is worth paying special attention to the quality of the paint that is used, because it depends on how often it will be necessary to tint the fence during operation.

A painted forged product, if it is produced qualitatively, looks very neat. This is achieved due to the presence of a special layer, which is applied under the paint. Before ordering, it is worth asking about the palette of shades that is offered, because already the finished product should be combined with the overall landscape and the design of the house itself. In advance, it is worth assessing whether a fence is suitable for a particular plot. A photo of an ideally suitable forged fence with coloring can be seen below.

To create a light and sophisticated fence, it is painted in light colors. Such design will give airiness to the fence without compromising reliability.

A good option is to decorate the fence with lanterns in a similar design, but in advance it is worth considering the option of outputting electrical wires and a competent connection to the network.

When decorating the plot, you can plant wicker plants along the wrought fence, which can best emphasize the aristocracy and beauty of the elements. But in order for the plants to wrap the fences correctly, they must be placed in advance in a competent manner, and also wait until they gain strength.

Casting is used to create an exceptionally original and individual fence. Molded elements of the decor will give a design of elegance and status. But such details are quite expensive.


The beauty of the forged fence is simply indescribable. If you want to allocate a site among others and attract attention, as well as secure the property, then the installation of this fence is just right. At the moment, there are many different options for such fences, among which you can easily choose a suitable style and design of a particular site.

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