Oil paint ma 15, pf 115

Oil paint ma 15, pf 115

Technical characteristics of oil paints determine the quality of the coating obtained, for this paint material there is GOST 1050371.

Such paint and varnish mixtures are suspensions containing various fillers and pigments (ocher, titanium oxide, chromium).

Important! In the manufacture of oil paints use alkyd or vegetable oils.

How to remove oil paint from walls

Is it necessary to clean the old oil coating from the walls? This issue worries all owners of secondary housing, planning repairs in older apartments. At the end of the 20th century, the most popular and widespread option for finishing walls and ceilings was painting with oil compositions. Most often, such paints were used in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways.

If you decide to tile the walls in the bathroom tiles, first, it is important to remove the remains of the oil film. Otherwise, there is a high risk that the tile will not stay on the wall, after a couple of months it will just fall off, money, and time will be wasted. If your plans include pasting walls with wallpaper, you also need to take care of cleaning the old oil base from the walls.

Oil paint on the surface holds for a long time, perfectly protects the walls from moisture, fungal formations. As it is used, it loses its color, cracks, leaves from the wall (floor, ceiling) in layers.

For the work on the removal of oil paint you will need the following materials:

  • a metal sharp spatula;
  • Sander;
  • building roller;
  • respirator;
  • abrasive material (sandpaper);
  • protective glasses;
  • latex gloves;
  • chemical washer;
  • overalls.

Algorithm of actions

Method one

To remove the old layer of oil paint, you can use the tools available: a Bulgarian, a grinding paper, a spatula. You need to start work from the places where the surface cracked as much as possible, smoothly passing to the areas where the oil film is firmly fixed.

When using the Bulgarian as an instrument to get rid of the old oil coating, it is necessary to fix a large emery cloth on it, then you can smoothly move over the surface. The work involves a huge amount of dust, so it is advisable to put on a respirator, open doors and windows, use gloves and glasses.

Similarly to the Bulgarian, work is carried out to clean the old oil base and with a grinder.

After the old oil layer has been removed, the surface must be puttyped to obtain an even and beautiful base for future finishing work.

As one of the ways to remove the old paint MA-15, you can also consider the use of chemical washing, offered by manufacturers in the form of solutions and gels. These compounds are effective for removing the old coating, their minus is the pungent odor. By purchasing such a chemical, pay attention to the mark, indicating that such a solution is designed specifically for flushing oil surfaces. Chemical wash is applied to the surface with a rag or roller. After a certain time, indicated on the package, the paint can be removed with a brush or rags. Work is carried out in compliance with safety regulations: in glasses, protective gloves, a respirator, with open windows and doors.

You can also get rid of the old coating using a construction hair dryer. Small areas of the surface are heated with a hair dryer, after which, with a spatula, remove the old layer of paint. The work will have to be done with an assistant, since you need to work quickly, the cooled paint will again firmly fix on the wall.

Method of the second

You can prepare a sour-like mixture of quicklime and soda ash. The surface is covered with such a composition for 10-12 hours. Then you can easily remove the old layer from the walls. Wooden floors, painted with oil composition, can be moistened with water, covered with soda ash, covered with burlap for a day. The swollen paint can easily be cleaned off the floor with a conventional spatula.

Characteristics of oil paint PF 115

They are produced on a pentafle basis, used for indoor and outdoor works.

Composition of PF 115:

  • finely dispersed suspension of bukfillerov and azopigments,
  • catalyst;
  • various fillers;
  • diluent;
  • pentaphthalic varnish PF - 060;
  • pigments (chrome anhydrides, titanium dioxide, chalk, steatite)

To increase the drying speed in PF-115, linodeates are introduced, which consist of three types of metals:

  • cobaltine;
  • pyrolusite;
  • cerussite.

To avoid stratification of the coating, special additives having emulsifying properties are introduced.

Where to apply PF 115

Among the areas of application of this material:

  • coating of wooden products;
  • decoration of metal structures

For this material there is GOST 6465 - 76, according to which manufacturers offer 25 shades.

Technical parameters of the FP 115

For the correct selection of oil paint, it is important to take into account its main characteristics:

  • strength of the resulting film;
  • degree of component grinding;
  • viscosity;
  • the content of the film-forming component;
  • waterproof film;
  • amount of volatile substances.

The high-quality oil paint PF 115 contains more than 26% of substances capable of forming a hard film after drying. Such components have a synthetic or natural origin. Getting on the surface of wood, metal, plastic, they form a dense, continuous coating.

The main substances contained in the paint include:

  1. Film-forming substances. They are represented by the following group:
    • linseed oil;
    • resins;
    • treated cellulose.
  2. The volatiles evaporate in the atmosphere. They should not be in oil paint more than 12%, otherwise the material will be dangerous to humans.

On the parameters of the resulting coating

To determine the hardness of the film, use a pendulum device. This characteristic determines the ability of the coating to resist any solid bodies. Put the pendulum on the painted surface, as soon as it stops oscillating, analyze the figure. For comparison, use the indicators of a pendulum mounted on an ordinary glass surface. Particular attention should be paid to the following parameters:

  1. pay attention, choosing an oil paint, on such parameter, as a mass fraction of film-forming components. Such substances are necessary for obtaining after application of the composition, a beautiful and even coating;
    • Cons: with a high content of such components, it is more difficult to store oil paint. While the bank is hermetically sealed, there are no problems. After contact of the mixture with air, the oil composition turns into a coarse lump that can not be applied;
  2. volatile substances should not be present more than 10 percent. Their evaporation occurs at room temperatures, a sharp smell appears, this negatively affects human health;

Tip! Work related to the painting of surfaces with oil compositions is carried out in a well-ventilated room.
  1. The quality of the grinding of components directly depends on the variant of the surface obtained. There are two varieties: smooth (grinding exceeds 90 micrometers), and fine-grained (up to 90 microns);
  2. The viscosity of the material affects the time of complete drying. If the manufacturers comply with this parameter, after 24 hours after painting the coating will be suitable for operation;
  3. when purchasing an oil base for outdoor work, special attention should be paid to the hardness of the resulting film. This parameter determines the ability of the protective oil layer to withstand any foreign particles.

Use of oily formulations

On average, the consumption of oil paints is estimated at 100-150 g per square meter of surface. This indicator is affected by the structure of the part coated with the paint (product). The wooden surface easily and quickly absorbs the paint, increasing the consumption by a factor of 1.5 -2.

In the modern construction market there are more than one hundred colors of oil paints. Mixing several colors together, you can additionally get a lot of shades.

When choosing a paint is worth knowing the following features:

  1. when doing internal work, they give preference to bright colors, creating a positive aura inside the building:
  2. darker materials are suitable for outdoor work so that, as they burn out, there is no significant deterioration in the aesthetic characteristics of the surface;
  3. oil paint MA - 15 is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. This oil composition can cover plastic, metal, wooden products. The minimum duration of protection against the atmospheric action of the object on which the MA-15 is applied is 12 months. This paint is diluted with white spirit in a ratio of 5% to the total volume of the paint. In the case of hardening, an even film formed on the surface, devoid of foreign impurities;
  4. for storage of MA-15 suitable dry cool places, the container must be hermetically sealed.
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