Kitchen interior without window

Kitchen interior without window

One has only to hear the phrase "I have a kitchen without a window", most people immediately have a lot of thoughts, about what this room is: dark, stuffed with furniture, it is impossible to turn around, pass or sit down, and even more so you can not eat normally. But this is not so.

If it is right and wise to approach the design of a small kitchen without a window, then it can safely give odds to any standard and spacious kitchen.

But before you begin to repair and equip the kitchen, you should draw up a detailed plan that takes into account the following rules:

  • lay on the floor can only be a durable and waterproof coating (so that the fall of any dishes does not damage the surface), such as tiles, linoleum, and not parquet or carpet;
  • do not install the refrigerator near the cooker, because due to severe temperature changes it will begin to deform, as a result, it can break down, or condensation may appear on it;
  • place for drying and storing utensils near the sink;
  • if possible, order built-in furniture, it easily folds and takes up little space;
  • lockers and shelves as high as possible to the ceiling;
  • an excellent way to save space - to connect the sink, work surface and the stove top.


All the more for the comfort and cosiness in the kitchen without the window is affected by the lighting. If the kitchen is small, then it will be enough for ceiling lighting. You can make a stretch ceiling with a lot of lamps or install several pieces at an equal distance.

It looks interesting lighting in the form of a ceiling window. With the correct installation, it seems that there really is a real attic window.

If the kitchen is a normal size, then there will already need additional lamps near different zones - above the work surface, above the stove and so on.

Tip! It is best if a switch with a dimmer is installed, then you can adjust the amount of light you need.

The main thing is that the light throughout the room is distributed evenly. If there are niches or other indentations, they can also be supplied with original lamps.

Acquire for the design of the kitchen without window unusual appliances, for example, lamps in the form of inverted cups with saucers or fruit. All this will positively affect the atmosphere in the room.

Color of walls and ceiling

Attention! In a kitchen without a window, it is not recommended to trim the walls and ceiling in dark shades, only in light colors

Why? Dark colors make the kitchen more compact and can not reflect the light. And natural and light shades visually increase any room (beige, soft pink, creamy and so on). Also, do not use wallpaper or other trim with large patterns, as they visually reduce the space.

You can make one wall of bright color (bright green, pink, lilac), then the kitchen will become more contrasting and unusual.

The ceiling is usually trimmed a little lighter than the walls. If you plan to make a stretch ceiling, you can choose with a picture of the sky, the sun and clouds or with flowers (for example, chamomile). The kitchen will seem to be higher and airy.

To the kitchen without the window seemed even more spacious and light, you should use as many materials with a mirror surface.

In the photo below you can see how beautifully and unusually looks the design of the kitchen without a window with a stretch ceiling with flowers or the sky.

Floor and door

As well as walls with a ceiling, the floor should be a light shade, for a better reflective effect. Excellent pastel, cream and white colors. If the tiles are laid, then it is possible to combine several colors, stacking them in chess or other order.

For a small kitchen without windows it is better not to install the door at all, or to put a sliding or accordion.

False and internal window

Since there is no window in the kitchen, you can imitate it. This method perfectly increases the space of the room and soothes.

You can buy wallpaper and 3D wallpaper in the form of a window with a landscape behind it or a city square. Or decorate the picture in the wall.

If you want something complicated, you can build a real window into the niche of the wall, and insert a picture behind the glass. It will be necessary to add backlight.

The original window will look especially original - with curtains, curtains or blinds, shutters and a flower on the windowsill.

Instead of drawing in the window, you can insert mirrors, stained glass or other patterned glass.

There is another option - to order the services of an artist-decorator and he will make a false window.

The inner window is also a great way to add comfort in the kitchen without a window. The window can be decorated with curtains, blinds or unusual lighting. Or just close it with frosted glass.

Technics and furniture

The right arrangement of furniture and equipment will save space, and also use it without problems.

Before you begin to determine, determine what kind of equipment your family is using regularly. Do not install the equipment that you will use a couple of times a year.

Tip! In a small kitchen it is better to install multi-functional furniture, especially a sliding (sliding table, reclining chairs).

Welcome drawers of different shapes, even angular and vertical, like bottles, but only larger. Angle boxes contain much more objects than ordinary boxes.

An oven, a microwave oven, is best made into a wall (column). If the family consists of two or three people, then you do not need to buy a huge refrigerator, get something of a medium size. It is also better to make it built-in.

If the kitchen is very small, the refrigerator can be placed in another room or corridor.

The whole technique is installed either near one of the walls or the letter G. If one wall is occupied, it is possible to put a dining area in the corner (for example, a soft corner). In the case of installation, the letter D separately sets a table (round or oval) and chairs.

Furniture, like the whole finish, should be a light shade or even transparent.

Excellent technique with shiny elements, made of chrome, silver or brass.

The main thing is, do not clutter the kitchen with small things, as they visually reduce space. It's better to put something of a medium size and original, like, for example, a built-in false-fireplace or a flat aquarium. Pictures or photos hanging in a row and vertically, then the room will be visually stretched.


Since the kitchen without a window, then it is limited to the influx of fresh air and the withdrawal of excess moisture. All this together can cause the growth of mold and fungi.

Therefore, in such a kitchen must be present extract and, preferably, that there were two.

For better ventilation, a fan is installed on the ceiling.

Ideas for the design of the kitchen without a window set, you just need to correctly calculate the alignment and not clutter.

Leave only the frequently used dishes, and remove the rest. Use rails and special devices for storing dishes, they not only look great, but also take up little space.

The dishes are purchased in sets and in the form of containers, which can be stacked into each other and occupy little space in the refrigerator.

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