How to paint with powder paint at home

How to paint with powder paint at home

At present, powder paint successfully replaces paint materials used in various industries to solve decorative problems. In addition, powder paints for metal can withstand high temperatures. This is their main advantage.

How to paint with powder paint at home

How is the paint painted with your efforts? In the process of work, a plastic coating is applied over the metal. Powder composition after heating becomes liquid and acquires a bond with the metal. Powder paint chrome, alpha or newt differs from traditional coatings with its ecological compatibility and modernity. The disadvantage is only that in some aspects there are difficulties in applying. But this does not frighten enterprising people. If the surface is properly cleaned, even an amateur can do an excellent job.

Stages of application of powder paint

  1. First, you need to determine which type of material the material is to be painted. After that make a choice of a suitable powder. A thermoplastic or thermosetting polymer powder is used. Each of them was developed to get the best result on a different metal. Powder paint for discs can not be suitable for decorations and small key fobs.
  2. All threaded and articulated joints are dismantled. Every detail that does not need to be painted should be tucked away. The disassembly is necessary, in order not to glue all parts in the form of bearings, nuts, clamps, bolts for painting. Even when painting doors with powder paint, they are first dismantled and dismantled.
  3. The next step is to clean the metal using sandblasting. Thus, you can get rid of dirt, rust and other foreign materials. Using a chemical solvent, you can get rid of any grease, paint and oil, as well as flushing old powder paint. Any metal alloy made of aluminum, magnesium, and other elements is cleaned with a solvent and a brush. You can use sandpaper for grinding. To bring the material to bare condition, you need to use sandblasting. This method can be replaced by a grinder, wire drill bit, sandpaper.
  4. Then remove the remaining dirt from the material. Acetone can be used for this. Every detail must be soaked in it or rubbed with a cloth. Only after this can be used powder paints for coloring.
  5. Now you can directly paint the metal parts. To make a quality coating you need to have special tools. For this, a gun for powder paint or a spray gun is used. With the help of these tools, the electrostatic charge of the powder material is made to adhere to a grounded metal object. Thus, an even and high-quality coating is created.
  6. Before the start of painting, you can take a primer for metal and cover a flat metal surface. A smooth and thin layer is created during application. It is necessary to make sure that the electrostatic charge is connected to the place for painting. Otherwise, there will be no gluing of the powder to the material without charge.
  7. When the work is completed, it is necessary to wait until the composition hardens and be careful. Do not start cleaning and blowing to the surface. Because of such actions, the paint can begin to flake off.
  8. In the next step, the heat-resistant powder paint must pass through heating. Heat the paint in a conventional oven or use infrared lamps. The coating is heated for 15 minutes to a temperature of 190 degrees. Also for these purposes, you can use a conventional oven, only then you can not prepare food in it.

Powder Paints for Metal

To make a quick finish the damaged surface is used powder paint in cans. This option can be used independently. In addition, in this way, paint can be painted with powder paint.

With the help of powder paints, it is possible to paint suspended ceilings, office fittings, electrical appliances, industrial racks and other items made of metal.

Powder polyester paint has high mechanical properties. It is suitable for steel and aluminum products located on the street. With such a coating, you can cover agricultural machines, car accessories, garden furniture and other metal products.

The most important element in the painting industry is the powder spraying chamber.

Quite stable shine is formed with polyurethane paints, which have water resistance, resistance to mineral oil and solvent. With such paints, products under friction, abrasive wear and chemical containers in which gaseous and liquid chemicals are stored are protected. In addition, they are used as a primer, when, for example, a powdered newt is applied to the surface.

After applying the powder layer, it is required to fix it. For this purpose, a chamber is used which makes the composition polymerize. Here, melting occurs and the formation of a finished film hardening on the surface of the parts. The chamber needs to maintain a high temperature. When the powder paint for polymer decoration is heated, a good adhesion of the composition and material is obtained, as the composition penetrates the product pores. The same method is used to cover automotive disks.

For any metal, plastic, wooden product, the paint is powdered ral 9005. It is made with convenient and profitable tinting. In addition, in the manufacturer's catalog, it is presented in different colors and textures. The choice can be stopped on any shades and textures, starting from silvery or golden metallic, ending with bronze and granite, so powder paints are effectively used to create eurodecor. After all, they create both a relief texture and a glossy texture.

Today, powder paint mixtures are suitable for use without prior preparation, therefore, costly tinting procedures may not be performed. At qualitatively carried out works, the anticorrosive impact-resistant coating with very reliable electrical insulation is formed. With sharp temperature changes, the film does not lose its quality.

Perhaps, after reading this information, you will have an idea about opening your business. After all, you now know how to paint metal products with powder paint and you can apply your knowledge in practice. The main thing is that this occupation is pleasant to you and then it will be possible to come to your goal, having weighed all the positive and negative sides.

In a similar way, the products were also painted in the last century, but not immediately he possessed technological perfection. Using modern methods, it is possible to eliminate the effect of any corrosive environment harmful to the product, and to improve the aesthetic side of the material. Mankind strives for the best and creates new unique solutions so that it is possible to use high-quality and beautiful products. Now that you know how to use powder paint at home, with a powder sprayer, you can use this technology to paint your car, entrance doors and other items made of metal.

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