Glazing of balconies with aluminum profile

Glazing of balconies with aluminum profile

Glazing of balconies is performed in a number of ways. The most optimal choice is the aluminum profile. Such windows have a number of advantages over wooden and plastic structures. Aluminum profiles are able to reliably protect the balcony from weathering, as well as enhance the aesthetics of the appearance.

Aluminum glazing balconies has many advantages, but not disadvantageous. Before choosing a particular type of construction, you must choose the type of glazing - warm or cold. Also it is necessary to get acquainted with the peculiarities of glazing installation. It is possible to clearly trace the stages of work by photo.

Types of profiles

The main advantage of glazing balconies with aluminum is the availability of materials, as well as the greater reliability of such structures. Another plus is the compactness of aluminum profiles. For small balconies, this is especially important.

Different types of aluminum profiles differ in the following parameters:

  • price;
  • number of thermal chambers;
  • the design of the opening;
  • the possibility of installing double-glazed windows of various modifications;
  • appearance of the profile.

If you have a small balcony (as in the photo), you can save space when installing sliding doors. Cold glazing of the balcony with an aluminum profile is performed using the lowest cost structures. They do not have heaters. With simple glazing, this choice becomes optimal. To make a warm glazing, you will need:

  • to acquire a complex profile, equipped with thermal inserts;
  • a double-glazed window with three chambers;
  • Special glass, which helps to save heat.

According to reviews, after a warm glazing the balcony or loggia actually turns into a living room. Due to this, the area of ​​the apartment is substantially increased. There is the possibility of remote glazing. In this case, the balcony can be increased by moving the frame to the street. This allows not only to get extra space, but also a wide window sill. A photo of this room is presented below.

Types of glazing

Glazing balconies aluminum profile is of two types. Each of them has its own peculiarities:

  • Cold is used in the event that it is not planned to actively operate the premises in winter. This method provides protection against weather events. Only one frame is installed.
  • Warm glazing is performed to increase the living space. In this case, mount the two profiles. Also in the design there is an insert, designed to reduce heat loss.

Cold-type profiles are used when creating a remote structure. Warm glazing is best done on the loggia, since this option involves a significant increase in the weight of the structure. Reduce the load on the balcony can be with the arrangement of the cold profile.

Glazing Features

The features of aluminum glazing include affordable cost, reliability, a wide range of designs. For example, in one balcony you can install swinging and sliding doors.

Whatever the aluminum glazing, its advantages are obvious:

  • reducing the amount of dust and dirt penetrating into the room;
  • the construction of an additional buffer, which is created between the apartment and the street;
  • protection of the premises from external influences
  • a wide range of options available.

To obtain a qualitative result, it is necessary to observe several rules. One of them is not allowed distortion of the structure. It is also very important to maintain the necessary clearance between the frame and the opening of 5.5 mm.

The mounting seam is designed so that at least two layers of foam are obtained. The second time it is applied after 2-3 hours. After the sealing compound withers, it is pasted with a special tape.

Other features of glazing:

  • Such products can be installed in old buildings - aluminum profiles have a low weight.
  • Such structures are a rather economical option for equipping the balcony.
  • When installing products it is worthwhile to ensure that all mobile parts can be moved freely. Otherwise, you might suspect a serious installation error.

Such features of glazing with aluminum profile are taken into account during the work. Photos of the finished work can be seen below.

Purchase profile

In the process of ordering aluminum structures, it is worth remembering that different manufacturers put labels on their products that help installers determine where the bottom is, and where the top, left and right side.

They can be indicated by special arrows. During the purchase, you should remind the seller that they have been delivered. Otherwise, in the process of work you can confuse the parties. This is fraught with disassembly of the structure and the performance of installation work anew. Few are willing to sacrifice precious time and energy.

The only work on installing windows for a beginner takes almost the entire day. It takes quite a few hours for an experienced master. Additional time will be spent on dismantling the old structure, external and internal finishes. The photo shows one of the options for such finishing.

Preparatory work

When using the lattice fence, its exterior finish is carried out before the start of the installation work. Also, warming is carried out at this stage. Interior finishing is carried out after installation of window frames. It is necessary that the top of the fence be horizontal. Otherwise, the alignment of the structure will cost more than the cost of frames.

When installing the structure on a parapet of concrete or brick, its top must be leveled with cement mortar. Interior finishing and insulation is carried out after the installation of the window sill.

Pipes are installed in the case of a hanging balcony, which does not have a top overlap. They are able to take on the weight of the mounted structure, transferring the load to the visor. When the length of the balcony is more than 4 m, an additional pipe stand is installed on the middle of the long side.

The outer corners should be filled with mounting foam, then cut off excess and sew up with galvanized strips. The welded seams are smoothed with the help of a Bulgarian. Support frames are made of steel corners. Their painting can be carried out only after stripping with degreasing. The lower frames are made taking into account the skewing of the slab of the balcony. It is necessary to ensure the horizontal joint of the upper and lower frames.

The visor should be installed along the top line immediately after cleaning the premises. This phase of work must be done before the installation of frames. The visor is installed regardless of the type of glazing. It provides drainage of water from the structure.

How to self-glaze the balcony

If desired, you can independently glaze the balcony with an aluminum profile. To do this, do not need to involve a team of professional builders. You just have to follow the instructions that will help you get a quality result with minimal costs:

  • Before installing the aluminum profile it is important to make the necessary measurements, and then order a suitable design.
  • Evaluate the state of the framework. You may need to correct minor defects. In addition, it is impractical to mount an aluminum profile on a weak frame.
  • Before starting work, dismantle the old glazing. First you need to get the glass, and only then - the frame. The old visor is removed.
  • All the garbage that was produced as a result of the dismantling is removed. The surface of the frame must be leveled.
  • For fixing the profile in concrete, drill special holes.
  • From the profile remove the glazing, and then make its installation in the loggia with the help of anchors.
  • After this, it is necessary to install the doors, return the glazing, and mount the accessories.
Important! Do not forget that the outer lining of the balcony is carried out before the profile is installed.


Balconies made of aluminum are an excellent choice for those who value the comfort and decoration of their homes. Modern designs have many advantages. They are practical, have a presentable appearance and provide reliable protection against weather phenomena. With proper care their service life is significantly increased.

To do all the work correctly, you must follow a simple instruction. Also in the process of installation, the features of the aluminum profile are taken into account. For independent installation, it will take no more than two days for all works, including external and internal finishing. To save money, it is possible to perform cold glazing. For a more comfortable operation of the balcony you will need to install a warm profile.

  • Panoramic window to the balcony

  • Shelving on the balcony

  • Installation of the balcony block

  • Adjustment of plastic balcony doors

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