Finishing the window with a siding with your own hands

Finishing the window with a siding with your own hands

Self-sewing the house with a siding is quite simple. For this work, you do not need to master special skills. Care must be taken in advance. On how far all the subtleties of the process will be thought out, the quality of the result depends. The work includes not only the installation of panels, but also the cladding of the basement and windows. That is why the beginner, if necessary, perform such work often gets into a dead end. To understand the process of facing, you will need to familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instruction for finishing the window with a siding with your own hands.

Methods of finishing the openings

When creating an attractive window finish, the type of the installed window is of great importance. It determines which technology will be chosen for installing the siding panels. There are several types of installation of double-glazed windows:

  • Level with the wall. This option is the easiest. With this window installation, the platbands can have different widths. The complexity of such works is minimal.
    Attention! When installing an arched window, you should select a narrow clypeus. The mounting part of this element can be simply trimmed with a certain step, and then it is bent.

  • The window is recessed into the wall. To design a structure installed in this way, you need to purchase a J-profile. The slope must be closed with a window.
  • Deeply drowned structures. For this option, trimmed wall panels are perfect. In addition, the installation requires the installation of corners and J-profile.

In each of these cases, the finishing is carried out even before the wall panels are secured, which will be located around the window. In this case, the edges of these elements simply need to be inserted into the groove on the edge of the profile. When finishing after installing the panels, the work will cause certain difficulties.

The mounting technology is common for all panels from the siding. The screws should be tightened in the center of the holes for the fasteners. At the same time, a gap of 1 mm should be left for cases when the temperature expansion will occur. So the panels will move freely without deforming. If you follow this rule, installing the siding panels on the window will be much easier.

Features of window siding decoration can be learned from the video:

Attention! According to the instruction, during installation it is possible to fix elements in arbitrary places.

Bruski battens need to be fastened around the perimeter of the window. On the slope set a small bar. This will make it easier to install the finish profile. Bars should be the same size. This will make the surface of the wall more even. All work is carried out with a level.

Preparatory stage

The quality finish of the window from the outside requires certain training. Such works include:

  • removal of decorative elements;
  • cleaning the surface of old plaster;
  • elimination of old wooden parts;
  • dismantling of communications.

In addition, technical devices and devices are removed - antennas and air conditioners. The surface is cleaned and dried. Such preparation is better for carrying out if it is planned to cover the whole facade of the building.

Mounting the frame

When deciding to trim the window sill, it is worth considering that before such work, you should perform a crate. It will be needed for the following reasons:

  • so that the material is securely fastened;
  • it will be much easier to make the cladding;
  • to level the surface of the wall.

For the implementation of the battens, the following options are suitable:

  • wooden bar, having a section of 4x6 cm.
  • metallic profile.
Advice! When using a wooden beam before the beginning of the cladding, it is necessary to treat the elements with an antiseptic. This will help to eliminate the rotting of the tree and its spoilage by insects.

The frame parts are fastened at a distance of 20 cm from each other. This step is optimal. If it is more or less, the strength or aesthetics of the structure will decrease.


Window decoration during the installation of the siding involves the creation of an insulating layer that will protect the window frame and the room behind it from the effects of cold. Warming is best done with expanded polystyrene plates. It is attached to dowels with wide hats.

Advice! To protect the heater from moisture from above, you should lay the film.

Since the installation of the window frame does not avoid the appearance of cracks, it is necessary to prepare the sealant in advance. Thanks to the use of this material, it is possible to increase the hydro- and heat-insulating properties of the structure as a whole.

Technology of window decoration

For each of these cases, the actions may have different orders. Separately, you should familiarize yourself with the decoration of windows without slopes. Siding in this case involves the use of special platbands.

There are several recommendations for such works:

  • First, you need to determine the width of the frame.
  • After the trim is cut. They must be whole. The required length of the bar is calculated by a special formula, based on the width of the clypeus (a) and frame length (b). The formula looks like this: L = 2 * a + b.
  • The profiles are joined at right angles. Also, they can be connected at an angle of 45 degrees. In the latter case, the joint looks more aesthetically pleasing. Sealing of different elements of the construction can be achieved due to the fact that on the vertical slats on the side a cut is made. Horizontal elements are cut and bent.
  • If it is decided to make joints at an angle of 45 degrees, the cut must be made at the top of the vertical element. The upper horizontal clypeus is not cut off.
  • First, the installation of horizontal elements, and then - the vertical.
  • At the last stage, establish a horizontal clypeus.
Advice! For greater reliability, the elements are sealed with a sealant.

The panels are trimmed from above and below the window structure. The slot should be slightly narrower than the width of the window trim. You can learn more about the technology of facing with siding of window constructions from video:

Recessed structures in the wall

The window frames are perfect when the window is not deeply buried in the wall. Thanks to the use of slats, the slopes are closed.

Then the prism bar is placed in the opening of the finish profile. During docking of the laths on the vertical elements, which are joined to the slope, it is necessary to make special cutouts. The horizontal elements are cut and bent.

Now the finish of the window siding can be considered complete. For various design solutions used in the installation of windows, there are different features of mounting the siding.

If the window is heated rather deep, the use of the window bars is not required. For such designs, small pruning of wall panels is used. During the installation, a corner is used.

Installation can be carried out using a special reflow. Its edges need to be cut and bent under the vertical elements. To improve the reliability of fastening of the casting, a sealant is used.

Installation of siding on windows is carried out in this order:

  • First, the J-profile is attached along the perimeter of the structure;
  • then installation of pre-prepared elements of the base panels is carried out;
  • at the final stage, the angle profile is set.

During installation, you must follow the same rules as for the general installation of siding panels. Each joint should be created with a gap of 5 mm.

Attention! When performing work in autumn or winter, the gaps should be increased to 10-12 mm.

Arched windows

These designs look great, but their finishing involves some difficulties. Installation of siding on the arch windows is complicated by the presence of a curved part in the upper part of the structure.

For finishing, a J-profile is usually chosen, which has sufficient flexibility. However, its cost is significantly greater than that of the usual one. For this reason, its standard analog is often chosen. To do this, in a regular profile, several cutouts must be performed, which are performed on the mounting part. Then it is bent to give the necessary radius of curvature.

Attention! In some cases, cuts are created from the front of the product. With a neat operation, such a decision will be an effective design technique.

Alternatively, you can replace the opening in the form of an arch with a polygonal opening. This window is designed using the same technology. However, cutting the profile will be large.

The ease of bending the conventional J-profile will depend on the material from which it is made. In the case of metal, it will yield much more heavily than plastic. To create an arc of the necessary radius of curvature, you should choose vinyl siding. To facilitate bending, it should be well warmed. However, do not abuse it - plastic can easily melt.

Given such rules and recommendations, you can finish windows siding quite quickly and efficiently. This will save time and effort. With proper installation of the lining material, the window will look very attractive.


The overall impression of the facade of the house depends on how well the windows are trimmed. That is why such works should be treated with the utmost care. The installation technique determines the shape of the window, as well as the degree of its drowning in the wall. Such works will prove to be simple even for a beginner builder.

If you follow the suggested tips, the window siding finish is not difficult, and the result will please the eye.

Before facing it is better to take care of the correct preparation of the opening. It should be carefully cleaned. To protect the interior from the cold, it is necessary to create a heat-insulating layer. It is made of expanded polystyrene plates.

If the windows are siding properly, the decorative elements will not be deformed under the influence of temperature changes and weather conditions. The process of finishing the window with siding can be learned from the video:

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