Dog of plastic bottles

Dog of plastic bottles

Owners of suburban areas sooner or later think about landscape design. Expensive decor elements are available to a few, but it is also interesting to decorate the territory without significant financial costs. Plastic bottles will come to the rescue, the scope of their application is almost unlimited.

Variety of models of dogs

Regardless of the purpose of the dacha, whether it serves as a resting place or serves as a land-wet nurse, the question of landscape design can not be moved aside. Funny crafts made of plastic bottles will attract the attention of children and amuse the adults. The manufacturing process itself promotes the unity of generations and an interesting pastime.

Having set out to decorate the site with a figure of a dog, first of all, it is necessary to determine the location and size. An open small space is able to decorate a dwarf fee from a plastic bottle. For large territories it is better to choose a dog model higher, and the material on it will be needed more.

There are a lot of options for decorating dogs on the basis of plastic bottles. Let's give some examples. Taking them as a basis, you can improve the model by adding your know-how.

It's as simple as making a funny muzzle of a dog from two bottoms of plastic bottles. Additional details - ears, all elements are fixed together with a reliable glue that will withstand rain and frost. Paints are selected for outdoor works, very aesthetically look dogs, decorated with acrylic paints. Then everything depends on the artistic inclinations of the craftsman. Eyes and spout for a plastic dog can be purchased in a special department for crafts, pick up interesting buttons, decorate with a marker or paints.

It is extremely easy to supplement the landscape design with the original mini flowerbed, which simulates the dachshund. In order not to bother with painting, a plastic bottle of brown shade is taken for the craft.

The whole process consists of four steps:

  • A rectangular hole is cut for filling with soil.
  • At the bottom it is recommended to make holes so that excess moisture does not accumulate.
  • The eyes are indicated.
  • The dog is fastened with ears from the second plastic bottle.

If you want to improve the model, the rate can be supplemented with short legs. Their function is performed by PVC pipes or cut-off bottles of 0.5-liter plastic bottles.

Creative characters like the following idea of ​​a futuristic dog.

Choose what you prefer and start creating.

Making a poodle

Let us dwell in detail on the complicated version of the poodle. Such a dog from plastic bottles with their own hands will take quite a bit of free time. But the result for a long time will delight visitors to the dacha.

Let's start the process:

  • The dog's body is collected from three bottles with a capacity of 5 liters. On two copies, only the neck is cut off, in the third remains the middle without the bottom and the upper part. This workpiece connects the previous two.
  • All parts are fixed together with self-tapping screws, the total length of the dog's body is about half a meter.
  • Prepared holes for the paws. For them, a solid two-wire wire is taken, the length of each piece is measured with a margin from the calculation: the length of the paw is 45 cm plus 20-25 cm for passage through the plastic bottle and subsequent fixation.
  • The dog's paws are wrapped with an insulating cloth 5 mm thick, designed to insulate the floor. Outside, the entire workpiece is carefully fixed with adhesive tape, this will allow you to stick to self-tapping screws at subsequent stages.
  • From the bottom of the dog's paws, the two-wire wire is disconnected and bent in different directions.
  • To give the dog a believable outline will help to refine the paws at the top. To do this, a plastic bottle for 1.5 liters is cut off the bottom, everything else is cut in half. The part with a neck is attached to the dog's paw in the region of the knee joint, the upper part is fixed with self-tapping screws on the trunk of plastic bottles.
  • These actions are duplicated on the front and back legs of the dog.
  • The neck of the poodle is formed from a 2-liter plastic bottle, in which the neck is cut off. The bottom is located at the top in the region of the future head, the cut upper part is fixed by screws to the body.
  • For the head of the dog will need another plastic bottle, which cuts out the middle part. Elements are joined in such a way that the smaller workpiece is included in the larger one. Traditionally, the details are fixed with screws and installed on the trunk with the neck.
  • Plastic small bottle of dairy products will perform the function of the frame for the tail of the dog.
  • It was my turn to tackle the animal's fur.
    The remark! If you want to regularly bathe the dog, clearing of dust and debris, you can choose white plastic for wool. It is much more practical to decorate wool from brown bottles.
  • The essence of the process: first of the plastic products are cut strips, then each workpiece is cut into narrow strips, not reaching the edge for a couple of centimeters. The parts are carefully brought to the gas so that the narrow strips wrap around the circle, imitating the wool of the curly poodle.
  • The poodle is sewn on the bottom of the paw. Each new wool harness successfully masks the attachment point of the previous one.
  • Another bottle of 5 liters is needed to cut the dog's ears, which are also covered with plastic wool on both sides. Then they are fixed on the head with long self-tapping screws.
  • At the final stage, the dog's muzzle is formed. The nose can be built from the bottom of the bottle, painted in black. Eyes - black buttons on the stem, pre-fastened with wire.

In complete form, a nice poodle will be 90-95 cm high. If desired, it can be made two-colored, emphasizing the breast, the tip of the tail and the lower part of the legs.

At this work is finished, a pleasant stay!

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